Lab Grown or Natural Diamonds

Lab Grown or Natural Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds 

YES they are both diamonds (same chemical composition)
NO you can't tell the difference (specialised equipment is needed)
YES they come with certification (grading report from a respected independent laboratory)

What are the differences?

💎 Lab Grown Diamonds are
- Environmentally friendly
- More affordable

💎 Natural Diamonds are
- Rarer
- Proven to hold their value

🌏 The journey of Natural Diamonds to your finger is long and difficult, these brilliant billion-year-old crystals are the oldest thing you will ever touch however Lab Grown Diamonds represent the story of human ingenuity, progress, and respect for the planet

⏩ There is no right or wrong choice between these lab grown or natural diamonds, the choice is simply what feels right to you